10 August 2023

Stunning Gowns and A Sleeping Beauty; Style at the Chateau


Château d’Ussé

37420 Rigny-Ussé       


Exposition de costumes 2023

“Best Of”


In 2023 this fabulous Chateau is hosting a sumptuous costume exhibition. The fabulous rooms that are open to the public set off the collection to perfection and give a glimpse into what might have been worn there in years gone by.

 The costumes are not from the chateau or associated with the family who live there today, the exhibition having been staged by Thierry Grassat.

Ussé is definitely worth a visit, especially as this is the last year that there will be a costume exhibition. Also bear in mind that the chateau is reputed to be where Charles Perrault got the inspiration for ‘La Belle Au Bois Dormant’ or Sleeping Beauty. The many turrets and towers certainly have a fairy tale feel. There is a graphic retelling of the Sleeping Beauty in tableaux vivants situated amongst the ramparts and attics of the Chateau….but you need to like spiral stone staircases to get up to see them……

Here are some of my favourite costumes from the exhibition. 

Lucien Lelong, 1924/5


Salon Vauban

 Peau d'Ange afternoon dress c1900



Tulle, black sequins, bobbin lace c1900
Satin, brocade.Bayeux lace c1880

Silk satin gown. Irish lace collar c1895

Silk satin, beaded braid c1890

Velvet moiré silk Felt patterns c1903/4

Mansard Staircase

Ivory silk taffeta Balenciaga c1955

Anti - chamber

Crepe embroidered with jet & gold beads
Midnight blue silk chiffon with matching lace. Pearl and rhinestone sautoir.
Black & ivory crepe , ivory sequins
Both c1935

The Kings Room

Gold & ivory brocade satin c 1877
Green silk c1878

Muslin summer dress. Embroidered straw capline c 1863
Burgundy devoré tailored suit c1882

Black taffeta c1867
Midnight blue satin and velvet c1885

Yellow wool c1881

5 October 2022

UNTIL 050323

Definitely worth a visit. Beautifully arranged with rich examples of children's wear from early 1800s right up to date. 

For a long time children wore what their parents wore. Boys like their and girls like their mother. The 1914 outfits on the left are a perfect example of that. The child's dress is attributed to Jeanne Lanvin. 

Top right a 1980s Libertys cotton smock.                                      Sailorsuits. Le costume marin.        

               From the 1960s to the 2000s, childrens clothes became brighter and easier to wash and to wear                               
The baby and toddler clothes in this case date from 1900 to a/w 2022. Plus ça change...                          
As time passed, children were dressed as children. Occasionally as in the two 1950s summer frocks below, as a 'mini mummy'.

A display of adapted, altered and recycled children's clothes.


The final selection of clothes demonstrated how special occasions require special clothes. And very often, special clothes are the ones that are kept and cherished. So here are children's clothes worn to christenings, weddings and confirmations.


Lets not forget the final item...shoes.